With the excess use of online shopping platforms, shopping scammers are targeting shoppers in the worst way so, to avoid becoming scammer’s latest target do checkout shopping destination review that you choose for shopping. If you discover salshops.com shopping destination then, for your safety do check this fashion destination review.

Salshops.com: salshops is women’s online fashion destination. That sells:

  • Tops
  • Accessories
  • Leggings

All the items displayed at an effective price.


  • URL: https://www.salshops.com/
  • The connection of salshops is: secure
  • The domain of salshops, created on: 8/July/2021
  • Email:webhelp@salshops.com
  • Office Location: available[ 14501- Artesia boulevard LA Mirada Ca 90630]
  • Office number: unavailable
  • Payment option: PayPal
  • Social-connection: no social connection
  • Return: accepts return
  • Shipping: Free international shipping over dollar 70+
  • Reviews? Unavailable

Salshops.com- A scam fashion-destination!

Salshops located at https://www.salshops.com/ is categorized as a scam fashion destination for women’s:


Not known & trustworthy It’s better to buy directly from a known and trustworthy shopping destination. Do not bookmark salshops for shopping as this fashion destination is not a known & trustworthy destination for online shopping. This shopping destination, created on: 8-July-2021 and found to be a non-popular shopping destination.

Minimum products salshops has minimum products displayed on its shop. To view salshops products customers have to click: start shopping now.  After clicking start shopping now option you will view all the products available on salshops.com shopping destination. Each category like tops, legging, and accessories has very limited products displayed.

Maintenance  this female online fashion destination is not well maintained, each item are roughly-described and prices of items are also unclear, there are some amount mentioned that are fixed and most products available on salshops.com have assigned same-prices.

Scam email the email displayed on salshops is a scam email.

Transaction how to pay for your order? This is not clear as the transaction information’s are not displayed on salshops, only unclick able PayPal icon is displayed on this site otherwise there are not proper transaction information updated by salshops.

Unavailable staff whenever you view companies email address, location of the company first try to contact the customer’s support-staff, check they will be available for you or not. When you will try to contact salshops customers- support staff they will be unavailable as all the details related to contacting customers support staff of salshops is not genuine.

Who owns salshops? It is not known.

Scam office location salshops has displayed its office location but, the mentioned location is a scam location.

Unavailable number the company number on salshops is unavailable.

No reviews Did you spot amazing items on this few months old online seller? Then, before you click:’ buy now’ do checkout customer’s review. The review section of customers on this shopping destination is almost empty.


Salshops is not a legit women’s fashion destination. Shoppers should not trust this shopping destination as this is a scam destination so, please avoid shopping from salshops.com women’s shopping site.

Please beware of salshops.com- A scam fashion destination! Thank you…