Nothing is much better than getting everything at one place just like online store where you will get everything that you needed. is a new mall for shopping anything that you want.

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For safe and happy shopping do check out Review: online shopping mall is claiming to sell creative, innovative, smart, and useful products to make their customer’s life easier, and all the products are provided at the least prices. Highlights:

  • Url:
  • Sanace address: 548-market st#14148 san Francisco ca 94104
  • Contact number: 415974-6922
  • Owner profile: not-updated.
  • Customers feedback no feedback yet.
  • Shipping: free shipping-worldwide
  • Return &refund: return and refund are accepted.
  • Transaction: only PayPal.
  • Contents & images: copied images and content found.
  • Delivery: worldwide-delivery.
  • Products: not well defined.
  • Social media link: links are not updated.
  • Product return-condition: original packaging is must.
  • Sanace connection: Secure.
  • Email id:

Is a legit shopping mall? store is new and it might be a scam so here is the list of some negative highlights of sanace which will help you in knowing whether sanace is a good site for you or not?

Do check out negative Highlights!

  • Every legit online shopping malls display their brand/domain name logo on the top of their website but is displaying another domain logo on its official website i.e.dorgb hence, it not easy to trust online store.
  • has provided its company location but the provided location is not genuine, they have updated the fake company location. The provided company location is also owned by other scam companies.
  • Owner and company-profile are not updated by sanace this is a negative point of this company. The legitimacy of a company mainly depends on the company and owners profile but on company/owners profile is not mentioned.
  • shopping store Products are copied from other scam shopping platforms hence this shopping mall can’t be trusted.
  • shopping store is not linked on any social networking platform as the social links on sanace are not available. You can’t follow sanace on any social platform as the links are unavailable.
  • Items can be shop in bulk there are no limitations offered by on their items, but no legit shopping mall provides such options.
  • Legit shopping mall also allows its customers to pay their truncation after receiving your order but store is not allowing its customers to pay their order amount after receiving their order.
  • The email address displayed on store is not legit and apart from this, no other modes for communication are available as they haven’t provided their telephone number and location.
  • The Customer’s reviews are always visible on legit companies but there are no reviews on placed by the customers.


After scanning properly we lead to a conclusion that store is not a trustworthy shopping store. As sanace is a new store so it will be too soon to trust store so, we request you not to trust shopping store easily.

our suggestion: Before shopping from any online shopping mall do check them carefully and don’t trust them too soon.

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