Is a legit fashion boutique? Read this Review to know the legitimacy of Sanapie.

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About Sanapie: is an online fashion boutique where shoppers’ will find the clothes and shoes that they want at a manageable cost.

Product categories:

  • Shoes
  • Bottoms
  • Tops Review: Scam or Legit Fashion boutique?

Positive Points:

  • Sanapie delivers outstanding quality products.
  • For shoppers’ safety, has a valid HTTP connection.
  • Sanapie is offering products with free worldwide shipping.
  • Sanapie is claiming to offer easy product returns.
  • com was set up several few years ago on 16-December-2015
  • According to scamadviser, the trust level of Sanapie is high.

Is it a legit fashion boutique?

Negative elements were detected on Sanapie such as:

  • Who owns Not Known.
  • The email location is not domain specific.
  • The contact location of Sanapie looks suspicious.
  • The domain of Sanapie will turn off next year.
  • The products displayed on Sanapie have no-*ratings.
  • Useful links including payment detail info are not updated on Sanapie.
  • Grammatical bugs were detected on Sanapie.
  • Shoppers’ reviews for Sanapie and its products are missing.
  • Sanapie has received a few unfavorable reviews.

Our Opinion about Sanapie:

Sanapie located at: look great but, shoppers’ should not ignore the negative sides of Sanapie that we have addressed above. The negative elements attached to Sanapie make it suspicious hence, we do not recommend Sanapie.

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