Social-media scams are common, scammers target people through many social-media platform and this time scammers are targeting innocent people through a popular social media platform i.e. facebook. People love to travel and scammers know this so, they take benefit of this. This article will show you the reality of Santorini travel scam which is a travel scam. Please beware of Santorini travel facebook scam!

Beware! Santorini travel facebook scam! Santorini travel scam Reality!

Travel facebook scam!

This travel scam took place in the year-2022 when someone posted Santorini travel post on facebook that announce an offer of cost-free trip to Greece. This Santorini travel post appealed facebook users that forwarding & commenting on the post will offer them golden chance to travel with free accommodation expenses and after going through this travel facebook post users get excited and started forwarding Santorini-travel post to others but, after some suspicious-operations it was confirmed that this travel post was not updated by reputable platform.


In the name of travel scams are also happening and Santorini travel is one of them so, please users should beware of Santorini travel facebook scam!