People are being targeted by a new scam involving a phone call from an unknown number: 07398 918501.

Here’s a quick summary of the phone scam and what it’s all about.

The number 07398918501 appears to be associated with a broadband scam call.

According to the analysis, people are receiving calls from a number “07398 918501” posing as employees from tech firms asking for customer support and support service(tech) professionals.

Scammers are attempting to fool customers by terrifying them into believing that someone has made fraudulent activity on their accounts and that their services will be cancelled as a result.

As a result, they are conceiving people in order to obtain their financial information and other vital information.


This number (07398918501) has already been reported as a spam call by a number of individuals who have received a call from it.

So, if you’ve also received a phone call from 07398918501, please let us know by leaving a comment below and reporting the number to your service provider.