Have you ordered bags or other items from Shopblg? How was your ordering experience from shopblg.com? You can share here so, that other people may know about it before ordering bags or any items from here for safe shopping experience.

Shopblg is a freshly established seller so, we can’t judge it too early but, this seller has many loopholes which makes this  seller suspicious.

Products available at shopblg:

  • Bags
  • Leather shoes
  • Men’s shirt
  • Motor cycle

Does shopblg serve its visitors well? Is it offering real deal? Read on shopblg Review for knowing this.

Shopblg located at: https://www.shopblg.com/ is fake or legit site?

Shopblg might be a fake site but, why?

  • Newly registered so, simply can’t be trusted soon as most fake sites on internet registers new-domain.
  • Shopblg does not serve its shoppers well as the service provided by shopblg does not seem real.
  • Contact number and email of shopblg is suspicious.
  • Who owns shopblg? It is not known.
  • Shopblg is not giving secure billing option.
  • Location of shopblg is unavailable.
  • Details mentioned on shopblg are not real like on their about us page shopblg has mentioned details related to other web sites.
  • Every fake site provides unlimited quantity orders similarly shopblg is also giving unlimited quantity-orders.
  • Return policy of shopblg is not worry free and might be suspicious.


As we told you above that shopblg is too fresh so, it will be too soon to judge shopblg but we found plenty of negative- highlights which are strong enough to prove that shopblg is a scam site.

What do you feel about this web site? Do you feel shopblg is a fake site? Come forward and answer in the comment-section to help others.