is an exclusive-price online store that is delivering jackets, green tea masks, blazers, makeup, and beauty-related products but, is Slimaoo genuine? Read this Review to know the legitimacy of Slimaoo.

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About Slimaoo: is an online store that is offering fashionable, makeup and beauty products at reasonable prices.

Is it a genuine store?

The about-us section of Slimaoo does not hold unique content and also many harmful elements are attached to Slimaoo such as:

  • The domain of is too new.
  • Who owns Not Known.
  • The trust level of Slimaoo is low.
  • The quantities of each product available on Slimaoo are unlimited.
  • Online reviews of are unfavorable.
  • The contact number and location of are unavailable.
  • Slimaoo is not visible on any social media platform.
  • Important links are not displayed on Slimaoo.
  • The buyers’ reviews for are missing.
  • The billing process information is not updated on Slimaoo.


Slimaoo located at: is not a genuine shopping place so people should maintain a distance from Slimaoo.

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