What is Starbucks cup size scam? Many people are not aware of this Starbucks coffee cup scam so, we are here to aware our readers about coffee cup size scam so that they may not fall for this latest coffee cup scam.

Is Starbucks cup size a latest Starbucks scam?

Starbucks is a popular coffee house company and recently Starbucks coffee cup size experiment video is going viral but, is Starbucks cup size scam or not?

Beware! Starbucks cup size scam! Starbucks coffee cup scam! Truth Revealed!

Viral Starbucks cup size experiment video on youtube gained a lot of people’s attention. The experiment was related to the comparison of the volume of the different sizes of starbucks coffee-cup, in which a person pours coffee to large or medium from a small-size cup and shows that it will fill large/medium cup to the top but, Most of the people those who viewed this experiment are not trusting Starbucks cup size experiment as they haven’t shown the actual-volume of the cups. This experiment looks doubtful. Starbucks is a big brand and it will never do such suspicious activity so, please avoid such rumors.

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