Sweetth opened on: 8-june-2022 has amazing collections of footwear for men and women. This footwear store is too new and has no conversation online so, visitors of this footwear store may not know whether this footwear store is trustworthy or not. We are here to aware visitors about this footwear store.  If, you want to know the legitimacy of Sweetth.Com then, we suggest you to stay connected with us; we will show you the reality of this footwear store. We are presenting this review after proper investigation so; do read this new footwear store review carefully.

Is Sweetth.Com Store Legit?

Sweetth.Com Review: scam or legit footwear store?

This store has two product-category men and women, under men category this store has: men’s shirts, water shoes, handmade shoes, and handmade sandals and under women category this store has: boots, walking shoes, and 2022 summer new collections.

A legit store always has the following features:

  • Secure https connection
  • Reveals owner’s identity
  • Reveals company identity
  • Contains shoppers reviews
  • Long domain age
  • Has expert’s review
  • Limited product quantities
  • Trustworthy contact methods
  • Unique content
  • Social media presence
  • Outstanding customer policies
  • Shows model faces
  • Good trust report
  • Secure payment method
  • Proper product description

Are all the features of Sweetth similar to legit store?

The connection of Sweetth store is secure but, this is not enough to know its legitimacy so, you also need to cover-up some other features.

Owner identity- Not Revealed!

Who owns Sweetth? Not Known. Not listed on whois record and about-us page.

Company identity- Not Revealed!

  • This store has not disclosed its company identity.

Customer policies:

  • Customer policies of Sweetth are unrealistic.


  • Shopper’s reviews for Sweetth are missing.
  • Online reviews of Sweetth are unavailable.

Sweetth domain age:

  • The domain of Sweetth is too new, a few days old and the domain will shut-down next-year.

Product quantities:

  • There is no limit provided on Sweetth products.

Contact methods:

  • Contact methods of Sweetth are suspicious.
  • Contact methods updated on Sweetth like contact address and number are also owned by other platforms.
  • Sweetth has not provided an order return address.
  • Buyers can’t contact Sweetth as contact-methods are not trust-worthy.


  • Sweetth is not containing unique content.

Trust Report:

  • The trust level of Sweetth.com is too low.
  • According to scamdoc Sweetth has 2 percent trust-rank.

Social relation:

  • Sweetth does not have any relation with the social-media platform as the various links updated on Sweetth are not functioning.
  • Non-clickable media links are updated on this footwear store.

 Payment methods:

  • Various payment method icons are updated on this footwear store but, the icons are non-clickable.
  • There is no payment method information page posted on this footwear store.


Is Sweetth a legit footwear store? Sweetth located at: https://sweetth.com/ is a suspicious footwear store as this store is too new and has many negative elements which are similar to a scam store hence, we do not recommend Sweetth.

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