T-mo.co or t-mo.co/protect which belongs to t-mobile.com has a positive trust score and it is potentially a safe site.T-mo.co has positive trust score recently it is being used to tell the customers of t-mobile about “Data breach” to protect customers from cyber security threats. According to Alexa, this site has a good ranking. Many other sites are connected {linking} to this site means they are also found on the same server.

On 17th of August 2021, t-mobile.com came to know that a bad actor unauthorized accessed the personal information so to find out this the investigation is going on, during the investigation, they have confirmed that an unauthorized person gained access to a portion of the data and the material that was stolen from their system included some personal-data: social security number, phone number, (gin) government identification number, DOB, drivers license, prepaid pins of T-Mobile, names.

T-mobile does not have clue that their financial information, account number, debit/credit card information, an account password, and payment information were accessed. They focus on taking care of their customers.

They encourage customers to complete some actions that are addressed below;

Keep your identity safe with McAfee

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Turn on scam protection

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Further, protect t-mobile account

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Additional resources

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The domain of this site is from a long period of time. This site is potentially safe. If you have additional queries, then you can freely contact the customer care-team or online. Customers can also stay connected with t-mobile socially through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.