Have you heard about the new online scam involving the “Tata 150th Anniversary Celebration”? If not, then read the review below to learn everything there is to know about this scam.

Online scams are on the rise these days. Cybercriminals are duping people through online scams.

Scammers typically attempt to deceive people through online shopping sites, exciting offers made in the name of large corporations, or by providing gift vouchers, donation packages, giveaways, and other similar methods.

What exactly is the Tata 150th Anniversary Celebration scam?

Lately, there is a rumor ad circulating on the internet about the gift prize of winning a brand new Tata Nexon EV on the occasion of the 150Th Anniversary of the Tata Group.

According to the ad displayed on the internet, people have to click on the link which demands some questions fill up by the person that includes some personal, financial information of people that are interested.

However, the ad’s link transfers to a phishing website, which could be unsafe because it can allow viruses to infiltrate our phones and computers, as well as leak sensitive information to scammers.

That is why we want to warn you about such scams because many similar scams have occurred in the past under the false pretense of many large companies in order to defraud people.

You should also avoid disclosing any information online to untrustworthy parties. And always be aware that such claims are quite often fake and made only to trick people because genuine companies never make such offers and even they do offer such prizes make sure to visit their original website and stay updated with the latest news.