is a very fresh online shopping site, which can’t be trusted and it might be a new added scam so before clicking on the option buy now, it is really important for you to know its originality.

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The Positive image of the store:

  • Tfbkrz provides fast-delivery.
  • Worldwide product shipping is offered by tfbkrz store.
  • Risk-free products return policy.
  • Easy-return.
  • Makes its shoppers 100 % satisfied.

Presence of website:

Before moving forward to tell you about tfbkrz store, we would like to discuss about its presence. The presence of this web-site is not good; this website is not attracting visitors by its presence.

This website is very dull and it is not amazingly crafted. We found this store totally unprofessional. The domain name of this website is also not professional. store Review! new store is displaying fewer products at reasonable prices, but it is not safe to shop tfbkrz store products as this new store is categorized as a suspicious store.

Other websites are also not in the favor of store, want to know why? Then, scroll down, please.

  • Currently, no public review’s is left on the store.
  • is a very new site which was registered on: 05-august-2021 so it can’t be trusted soon.
  • The trust score of tfbkrz store is very low.
  • This store is not providing exceptional services for the customers.
  • Non-appearance of number, email address of tfbkrz, and address of the company.
  • Do not allow cash on delivery.
  • Refund, return and shipping policy is not provided by the store.
  • The online presence of is not good.
  • Owner details of tfbkrz are unrevealed.
  • This store is not famous on any social-media.
  • Allow payment only through-PayPal.
  • This new website is not maintained professionally.
  • The Alexa ranking of tfbkrz is not very high.
  • Recently this store has very fewer products; no products are being displayed on its home-page when you will click on the shop now option then only an electronic mystery box will be displayed otherwise there are no more products are available on the store.

Now, let’s tell you about the quantity of electronic mystery-box.

  • You can buy mystery boxes as much as you want as there is no boundation on the quantity of product.

Bind-up: is not a trustworthy store. You should not select the store to ensure your personal safety.

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