Online shopping sites are best options to pick-up and shop your favorite products but, sometimes selecting an online shopping site may be a worst option as you all should know shopping fraudsters are trying to scam customers in a worst way so, you need to be very careful while selecting any shopping hub. If you choose as your shopping hub then, it may be the worst choice ever made by you. As this is not a safest –shopping hub. To know, why thospita is a worst shopping hub? Do check-out its ‘Review’ carefully! thospita is an online shopping place which is selling rugs at affordable prices.


  • URL:
  • The connection of thospita is: secure
  • The domain of thospita, created on: 20/August/2021
  • Email:
  • Office Location: available [
  • Office number: available
  • Thospita accepts: PayPal
  • Social-connection: no social connection
  • Return: offers thirty days return
  • Shipping: Shipping takes four to seven days and the cost of domestic shipping over dollar 75 is free
  • Reviews? Unavailable A suspicious shopping-hub!

Thospita located at is listed as a suspicious-shopping hub:


  • Only a few rugs are available on, the categories that thospita page deals with are missing. Only a few products are displayed yet on this shopping hub.
  • This shopping hub is too recently launched which creates doubt as there are many shopping hubs created by the shopping scammers that are newly launched.
  • Product refund policy is not mentioned by this online-shopping-hub.
  • Not only on the official page of this shopping hub but, also over the internet, has this shopping hub does not have any customer’s- reviews.
  • The theme of this shopping hub shows that this is a women’s fashion shopping hub but, when the customers will go and view its product then, it will only show limited rugs.
  • The domain creation date of thospita is the same as the domain creation date of Guilform and both these hubs themes and products prices are the same and both the sites have limited items.
  • Partially copied theme and content found on this shopping hub.
  • Customers-review about this shopping hub is missing on Trustpilot.
  • From its launching, till now thospita shopping hub is not popular yet.
  • Social connection links are not found till yet on thospita, as this hub is too new so for gaining a lot of popularity it should also show its presence on social platform but, still this shopping hub is not found on any social platform.


This is a new shopping hub right now, which has limited items available on its shop. After proper investigation, we found this shopping hub similar to is not a legit shopping hub. Guilform and thospita both are recently launched shopping hub that both seems suspicious so, we suggest you please, avoid both Guilform as well as thospita shopping hub.

Please beware of shopping hub! Thank you…