Should you choose Tloav-A multi-product online store as your shopping destination? You have bounced to the right destination where you will get to know the reality of this multi-product online store.

Tloav is a multi-product e-store. Here you will get multiple products on their every category such as brand computer accessories, ice maker electric bicycle, etc & the products available are at low-prices.

Now we will move straight forward to tell you the truth about Tloav online store.


  • Url:
  • Shipping: ships items across the world.
  • Shipping time: shipping time varies depending upon the item-shipping time.
  • Shipping type: express shipping, VIP shipping, and standard shipping.
  • Return: return policy is not updated.
  • Tloav address: 619 N-3RD GIRARD IL 62640 US
  • Tloav number: 2176272011
  • Tloav owner/company profile: unrevealed.
  • Item quantities: limitless item quantities are offered by Tloav.
  • Reviews: no reviews.
  • Domain date: domain of Tloav was registered on:-30-November-2021
  • Payment mode: PayPal.
  • Items: improperly defined.
  • Social media links: unavailable.
  • Email id:
  • Tloav connection: Secure.

Tloav is a suspicious- multi product online store!

Tloav is a suspicious multi product online-store that is fooling you by not revealing their true faces but, don’t worry we are here for you. We have done proper- research on Tloav and after that, we came to know that Tloav is a scam-online store.


  • The interface of Tloav is very boring means the interface of this multi product store is not user friendly.
  • This multi-product store is very poorly crafted.
  • The products on Tloav are not categorized in a particular category; they have mashed up all the products hence this online store is highly unprofessional.
  • This multi-product shopping store was introduced on: 30-11-2020, which is enough time-period for any shopping store to maintain their shopping store properly but this multi-item online store is not well maintained.
  • The domain of Tloav is only valid for only-month.
  • You will find no review on Tloav as the shoppers have not marked any review on this online-shopping store.
  • Proving maximum order quantity on each product, all the legit e-store do not provide such option, they only provide minimum order quantity option on their products.
  • On their information page they haven’t updated accurate details such as they have mentioned that they are providing items in limited quantity but when you click on any product-unlimited quantity option is activated means you can buy items as much as you want and they are also claiming that they are selling items of high quality but, in reality, the items are of low quality.
  • The items available on Tloav are defined in an unclear manner means the description of items are improper, they haven’t provided relevant items detail.
  • Customer service of Tloav shopping store is unprofessional.
  • Contacting modes like e-mail address, business location and business number of Tloav seem suspicious, the business number and location are also owned by other e-stores.


You should not choose Tloav as your shopping-destination as this multi-product e-store is not trustworthy so, please do not order any item from Tloav.