Is a genuine store? Read this review to know the credibility of Tookweek.

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Is it a genuine store? Review: Fake or Genuine store? is an online store whose name is not domain specific and contains many red flags such as:

  • The domain of is new.
  • Who owns Not Known.
  • Online reviews of are negative.
  • Tookweek is not using a protected billing method.
  • The social connectivity links of Tookweek are missing.
  • The trust level of Tookweek is too low.
  • The email location of Tookweek is not domain specific.
  • The contact number and location of Tookweek are unavailable.
  • This site name “amongthemus” is not domain specific. Also, check amongthemus review.


Tookweek located at: is not a genuine store so it’s better to walk away from Tookweek.