When the tooth aches strikes, you can use these home remedies for getting temporary relief from the tooth pain until you can go to a professional dental. Check out these home remedies and forget about tooth pain by these simple home remedies.

Tooth pain is a very painful and commonly seen dental complaints, this can happen any time without informing or warning you, but you should not get worried about it> you can get ‘relief’ from this pain by trying these home remedies.

Hold cold compress

If you want to stop swelling then hold a cold compress against your cheeks for thirty minutes. You can also wrap ice cubes in a thin piece of cotton cloth or you can use ice cubes that are sealed plastic bags, this will especially give your tooth benefit when they are accompanied by the swelling.


You can put clove or clove oil on your tooth. Clove oil can temporarily reduce pain and swelling associated with a tooth pain. Clove numbs the tooth nerves and thus, relieves pain. For mouth washing, you can also mix few drops of clove-oil into the water. Use clove-oil for at least five times in a day. Clove provides an instant and quick relief from tooth-pain. A key component present in the clove oil which is known as eugenol gives you quick pain relief.


Ginger is the effective remedy for managing the pain and ginger also has the tendency to lowers any swelling, inflammation and it also reduces the tooth-pain immediately. Make a powder of the ginger root and mix water and cayenne pepper to it for making a thick paste, now dip a cotton ball into this ginger paste then apply this paste on your tooth, and for getting effective outcome leave it for few- minutes.

Rinse mouth with warm salt-water

If your tooth hurts and your gums are swollen rinsing your mouth with warm salt water may offer you some relief.  Warm Salt-water is a “natural antiseptic” mouth wash and this do not have any side effect.  Swishing warm salt-water around the affected tooth increases the concentration of salt and also it kills the microbes that cause the tooth pain.


Garlic is popular for its medicinal nature. Garlic prevents the worst tooth- pain apart from this it also kills the bacteria that are very harmful. Crush some garlic and mix few quantities of black pepper and table salt to it and then apply this paste directly on the area which is affected by the tooth-pain.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory nature because of the phenolic compound present in it and due to this it slows down the tooth-pain inflammation and gives relief. Apply olive oil with the help of a cotton ball on the affected tooth-pain portion and do this method at least thrice- times in a day.

Final Verdict

Over-the-counter pain medications can also offer you temporarily relief. To diagnose and treat the cause of the pain you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Remember that regular dental checkups and good brushing habits will help you to avoid dental problems.