Tor.Jack Malware is a scam alert that notifies the visitors with a message “YOUR CHROME IS SEVERELY DAMAGED BY 13 MALWARES “users should not open this scam message this is an online scam. The online scammers will ask you to download an application but, the user should not download it as it is a malware application or software.

Tor.Jack malware! Your chrome is severely damaged notification might have pop on your browser which claimed that Tor.Jack virus infected on your chrome by accessing a suspicious website is an online scam.

  • Tor.Jack malware warning notification appears in the red background, this is a scam virus detected on your mobile or computers.
  • Click the close option whenever you receive such scam virus detection as this detected virus scam is designed by the hackers.
  • This warning alert is designed by the scammer’s to threaten the visitor so that they may open this notification and fall into their scam-trap.

Tor.Jack malware notification claims that your chrome is sixty-two harmed by malware i.e. Tor.Jack, this online scam text is only to scare the innocent visitors so that they may shock and without thinking that it might be a scam and follow all the instructions and get scammed.

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