is a brand new shopping store selling OLED/LED TV just like Rendexu shopping store, which is also a brand new online store. You may cross-check both these brand-new stores.

Like Rendexu online store, might be another untrustworthy shopping store so do check out review:

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The domain of torannet and Rendexu shopping store was created on the same date and they both are selling the same items hence proved that this is another untrustworthy online store.

Also, do check out the review. Highlights:

  • Url:
  • Shipping: offers to ship items-all over the world.
  • Return &refund policy: unclear policies.
  • Torannet address: unavailable.
  • Torannet contact number: not-mentioned.
  • Torannet owner profile: not-mentioned.
  • Reviews of customers: no review’s
  • Accept transaction: only through PayPal.
  • Contents & product images: found copied.
  • Delivery: offers worldwide delivery.
  • Products: not well defined properly.
  • Social media-link: links of any social media page are not given.
  • return-condition:
  • Torannet connection: Secure.
  • Email id:

Is a trustworthy shopping store? shopping store can’t be trust this shopping store will lead you to a scam world. Torannet shopping store located at is an untrustworthy online store that will redirect you to

This store can’t be trusted because of so many reasons such as:

  • is misusing Walmart by claiming to be associated with it.
  • This fake store is not promoting itself on any social-media-page. The links are not provided by the store.
  • Just like fake store this store is also not providing its actual email id to the customers instead of this torannet is providing their fake email id to its customers.
  • Like Rendexu fake store torannet is also not revealing its owner’s true identity. Both the stores have designed their about us page but after visiting that page of both websites it will not show its owners’ profile.


Like Rendexu is torannet another fake store claiming to associate with-walmart. You can also check online reviews of the store; other websites have also recommended the store on their scam list.

Torannet store is matching with Rendexu, which means that this store is exactly the same as Rendexu. Just to fool the customer’s torannet has crafted it store same as Rendexu. Only to gain customers trust this store has made little changes on its online store like: about us page on torannet store is available and also on Rendexu about us page is also available but torannet store has updated little details about their store but Rendexu is showing page not found result.

  • Contact information-page is available on torannet and also on it is available on Rendexu but, torannet has updated its fake email address and Rendexu is showing outcome like requested-page does not exist.
  • These are some above-listed changes on both the fake online stores otherwise everything of and is exactly the same.

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