Track718.Com is a tracking platform that tracks your package and supports DPD, China Post FedEx, USPS, DHL, UPS, and many other carriers but is Track718 a legit tracking platform? Read this review to know the credibility of Track718.

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Is it a legit tracking platform?

Track718.Com Review: Scam or Legit tracking platform?

Negative elements are attached to Track718 such as:

  • Who owns Not Known.
  • Online reviews of are negative.
  • According to Trustpilot, Track718 has received 1.4 ratings.
  • People have shared bad experiences that they faced by using this platform.
  • Experienced people have mentioned that Track718 lies about delivery.

The only positive feedback that this platform is getting is from the users that are giving feedback from china so we don’t trust Track718 and we do not recommend Track718.