Are you one among those visitors who adore online shopping and love to discover online shopping stores? Then, you need to check-out their reviews carefully as online shopping frauds are big news nowadays. is an online shopping store that you may explore but, is this shopping store trustworthy or a big scam? Do check out-its review! trendvibex is a multiple product online shop and the prices of the products that they are offering are affordable, shoppers can easily afford them.

Collection list:

  • Phone and electronics
  • Beauty and health
  • Home goods and kitchen
  • Men and women
  • Pet accessories
  • Car accessories
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Others and gifts
  • Toys and baby goods

Trendvibex aims at providing:

  • Free-worldwide shipping
  • 24*7 customer-support
  • Secure and safe checkout

Before you select trendvibex add to cart option please check out the full details of the website so that you may know whether it’s the right decision to select trendvibex as your shopping hub or not.


  • URL:
  • Connection of trendvibex is: secure
  • The domain of trendvibex was registered on: 1-October-2021 [check:]
  • Email:
  • Company location: unavailable
  • Number: unavailable
  • Social connection: no social connection
  • Return: only accepted within 14 days
  • Shipping: Shipping time varies according to location
  • Rating: paid
  • Reviews? Available A questionable online shop!

Trendvibex located at is listed as a questionable online shop:


  • There is no proper information regarding customer service is updated on this online-shop. Contact informations are misleading on this online shop. Only email is updated on the official page and return policy page.
  • Making an online purchase from trendvibex might not be safe as this site does not have relevant information updated.
  • All the items available on the official page of trendvibex are mashed up and they are not described appropriately.
  • There are plenty of shoppers review spotted on this online-shop but, all the remarked shoppers’ reviews seems suspicious as this online shop is brand new due to this it does not have much traffic but still then, there are plenty of positive review of the shoppers are posted on this shopping platform.
  • Who owns trendvibex? Owner of trendvibex is unknown, all the genuine online shop always mentions proper details about their owner but, on this online shop owners, detail is not-posted.


As this online shop is newly launched and its domain is valid till 1-October-2022, it would be too early to judge the trustworthiness of this online shop. For now, online shop is questionable but we found so many loopholes on trendvibex so, we do not recommend trendvibex.

Please beware of trendvibex and avoid shopping from online shop! Thank you..