Stay alert! New trendy & superb fashion store in the online market! Do check out the Trisegg store located at…. is a shopping store that focuses on high quality superb and trendy fashion items for both males and females. is a new shopping store so, for your safety, it’s really important for you to check Trisegg legitimacy.

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Find your own-style! Checkout

You can find your own-style items on Trisegg; here you will get varieties of options but, before finding your own style checkout Review: it might be a new shopping store scam.

More about…

  • Shop from and you will get 10 per cent off on your first item.
  • Most of the products displayed on Trisegg are for females, only fewer products are for males.
  • Provides unique fashion items.
  • Offers easy exchange of items.
  • Provides fast-refund.
  • Cash on delivery: Not available.
  • Buyers can shop for unlimited quantities of items.
  • Gives exclusive offers.
  • The buyers’ review section of is filled with all positive reviews.
  • Payment-mode: only PayPal.
  • This shopping store accepts return or exchange within fourteen days.
  • Shoppers of Trisegg will be responsible for their own return shipping charges.
  • Trisegg focuses on items high quality.

Is a scam shopping store?

Yes, Trisegg is a scam store that is fooling shoppers by designing their shopping site as a real-looking shopping site and by their sweet gesture, so the shoppers may consider this shopping site as their shopping destination. Check every detail of the site and items quality.

Brand new website

This is a brand new shopping store just a few months old; it will be too soon to judge this shopping store as this site is brand new may be the company owner will update its website with more details but still, this shopping store is questionable.

As most of the scam-shopping store are newly launched so, Trisegg might be another new scam-store.

Owner’s and company profile

The about us page of Trisegg is shortly described. They have only described the qualities of the items but they haven’t displayed the business owner’s profile and other details of their business.

How to connect with Trisegg?

Only customer service email is updated on Trisegg contact information page. The contact content of this shopping store is similar to the shopping store contact-us content.

The customer service contact number is not displayed on Trisegg. Scam shopping stores do not provide their customer support team contact number.

Google Image & content Search

Google search Trisegg content& images, it will link you to other sites which indicates that the images & content of Trisegg are copied from other stores.

Original packaging required

Original packaging of items is required with an original label for returning the items. Legit online seller does not put these conditions for accepting returns.

Social connectivity

Social-links are missing hence; Trisegg does not have connectivity on any social platform.


In search of trendy and superb fashion items? Please, do not prefer as this is a fresh scam shopping store.