Scams are also happening in the name of alcohol as there are many scam alcohol shops available online so; today Nothingends site is going to expose another alcohol scam happening on site.

Shocking! Another Scam in the name of alcohol! Review! is delivering alcohol at home at reasonable prices. is redirecting to which is a scam alcohol site. Now a day’s scammers are fooling people by providing alcohols online.  All the alcohol scam sites are now redirecting on the same alcohol scam website.  You may also check Review by clicking nothingends/Scam category / now, is also redirecting to but, when nothingends reviewed this site at that time this site was not redirecting to other site, it was landing on the right page but, now Zuomun has turned table it is also landing on we suggest you not to trust any online alcohol shop until you get confirmation that the site is Real and also check their whois data.

Hope you find review helpful.  Like Zuomun, Tuengef and do you know any other alcohol store online? Do mention….