is a new store that is selling prom dresses at effective prices. For now, this new store is questionable as the domain of this store is new just a few weeks old. We have added this new store to our not recommending store list as this store is fresh and it might be a new scam.

Let’s look at the positive picture of this new store.

Positive picture:

  • This store is filled with pretty collections of prom dresses.
  • Dresses are beautifully designed.
  • Easy return.
  • Summer/spring collection dresses at a manageable cost.
  • Eye-catching presence.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Shoppers will love to shop dresses from this new store because the dresses are so much pretty.

Will you prefer this prom dresses seller after seeing its’ positive picture? To help you in finding the answer to this, we would also like to show you the negative picture of, which we found after exploring this new store.

Negative picture:

  • This store remarks question that it might be another new scam as this store is very-new, few weeks old and we would like to tell you that all over the internet there are a lot online-store introduced, all new-stores are scam and this also might be a new scam.
  • The customers’ support services provided seem suspicious.
  • This store has a two percent trust-score which is a very bad score.
  • Multiple payment gateways: not available.
  • This new store is not showing its presence on any social- connectivity page.
  • The buyer’s review section of is empty.
  • Return policy of twolier is tricky as the shopper can only return their product when the condition of the product will be just as originally ordered, only scam store announces such condition of product returning.
  • Founder & company name: not displayed
  • There is no limit assigned on the quantities of the dresses and this is not possible to shop unlimited quantities of dresses from a genuine store.
  • The prom dresses displayed in this new-store are copied from other online portals. This store has shown the pictures of their models just to make the shoppers believe that this is an authentic store but the displayed dresses are visible on many other sides and even the content displayed is copied.


We do not add this new store to our: recommendation list. This prom dresses seller is quite new, so for now this prom dresses store is questionable; we have also found a lot Negative-sides of that we have displayed above.

Now, you may have got clear-picture of, will you now prefer this prom dress store? Yes or no, you can place yes/no with reason in the comment section.