We all love to dress well so, we consider it the best shopping platform for shopping dresses that gives charm to our personality. Typromos is one such shopping platform that sells adorable dresses so, by seeing its layout shoppers may consider this website for their shopping but before shopping, they should check Typromos Reviews: To know its true sides for healthier shopping.

Typromos is an online shopping store related to women’s that sells scarves, ponchos, kimonos, and dresses.

URL: https://typromos.com/

  • Here you will get adorable collections of products related to women’s.
  • The return policy of this website is mentioned in a clear manner.
  • Shipping policy is also mentioned clearly.
  • This online portal has a secure https connection.

Typromos: Is it a big scam?

While doing research on Typromos we found its negative side due to which we are announcing this website as an unsafe website.

Negative sides:

  • New domain:

The domain of this online portal was registered on: 01-02-2021, this is a scam signal most scam online portal domains are newly registered.

  • Copied homepage images:

Images of the homepage are taken from other websites like dancing rainbow bias dress is available on this website and this is copied from other portals.

  • No brand names:

The Products available on Typromos does not have any brand name.

  • Single payment mode:

Only PayPal is available for product billing, no other payment mode not even cash on delivery available.

  • Unlimited quantity:

A single type of product has an unlimited quantity.

  • Social connectivity:

It is hard to trust Typromos store because they do not have social connectivity links.

  • Unrelated contact number:

The contact number seems doubtful as it is unrelated to this online store.

  • Email address:

Email address service@typromos.com of this portal is not verified.

  • Zero customer reviews:

This online shopping platform has zero customers review in fact they have mentioned a review section beneath every product but then also this portal has no reviews.

  • Company address:

The company address is not coming under the business name.

  • Missing owner section:

The owner name section is missing which means it does not have any about us section.

  • Description:

The Products available in this store do not have any proper description.

  • Model face:

Model faces of this online portal are not hidden but, it does not indicate that it can’t be a scam shopping platform for these you have to check other things of the website. Model faces are shown but the product images are copied from other sites.

Final verdict:

We do not recommend Typromos.com as this store is not safe and also this is a newly launched online store.

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