To preserve your tools at your place of work, do check out vbzotc online store. Here you will get varieties of toolboxes to keep your tools safe/in good condition. Before buying tool boxes from this toolbox online store do check out its review carefully!

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Beware of husky tool-box scam sites!

All over the internet, there are multitudes of tool box scam stores so, this online tool box seller might be another tool- box scam.

List of scam husky tool box sites:

  • Qdowz
  • Kgpgo
  • Dinrzt
  • Rorkm
  • Nbwkoc
  • kecabo
  • pdsoni

some of the above-listed scam husky tool sites like Dinrzt, pdsoni, Kgpgo, kecabo, Rorkm are not opening now but you can check their online reviews, other sites are not in their favor. Before the disappearance of some of the husky-tool boxes scam sites other websites have provided their review so, you can check them to know about more husky tool box scam-sites.

Is vbzotc another tool box scam? For this stay in touch with us!

Tool storage can be done in the right way by purchasing tool-boxes to keep your tools in a good condition; Vbzotc is an online tool box store from where you can purchase varieties of tool-boxes.

Products displayed on vbzotc:

  • Husky mobile workbenches
  • Husky tool chest combos
  • Husky top tool chests
  • husky tool cabinets

More about vbzotc…

  • Vbzotc provides a limited warranty
  • Provides sixty days guarantee
  • Buyers review: No reviews
  • Vbzotc offers free and fast product shipping
  • Transaction mode: only PayPal

Vbzotc is another husky tool box scam store!

  • vbzotc is another new tool box online scam store that is misusing the husky brand by updating husky brand logo on its online scam store.
  • The domain of this new tool box scam store was registered at the end of august-2021; this is not a good sign as the shopping scammers are designing new tool box stores by using the husky brand name to make their fake site look real.
  • This tool box store is providing fake discount deals.
  • The company number is not given on this husky tool box-store.

Important updates are missing on this online scam store such as:

  • The company and its owner profile are not updated on this store. Scam sites do not update such details on their store.
  • The company address of vbzotc is not updated.
  • Proper details of the customer service are not updated by the company

Copied contents found!

  • Copied content found on vbzotc including product pictures and themes.
  • Copied product description found on vbzotc.
  • Multitudes of husky tool boxes scam-store are emerging; this is also a newly emerged tool box shopping site.

Our suggestion:

  • Please check the policies of the website carefully as newly added shopping stores always make fake promises.
  • For purchasing a single item scam shopping stores always provides un-limited purchasing option so, carefully check the limitations of purchasing a single-item.


Like: qdowz, kgpgo, dinrzt, rorkm, Nbwkoc, kecabo, and pdsoni scam store, vbzotc is also another scam husky tool box store which is misusing husky brand.

Apart from, we have also mentioned other scam sites which are selling fake husky tool boxes at unrealistic low prices, if you know about more such scam husky toolbox sellers then, please mention them below, or do you also want to say something about vbzotc? Please feel free to mention it in the comment area/box.