As you are all aware, scammers are using new digital scam tricks such as text, email, and gift card scams.

But, today we are going to give you a review on a newly founded text scam in the name of a famous telecommunication company- Verizon Communications.

What is Verizon?

Verizon (VZN)Communication Inc is a multinational telecom corporation that is a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The company mainly sells electronics-based products like broadbands, mobile phones, televisions, landlines, etc.

What is Verizon Rebate Scam?

People are getting texts with an encoded link in the name of VZN claiming that they are giving up to a $200 rebate on their products. The link provided in the text message is redirecting to a fake website called-

Cybercriminals are sending fake text messages that claim there is a special $200 rebate from Verizon communications by planning to trick the possible targets into falling into their trap by clicking the provided link which leads to a malicious/ phishing website-

The main reason why people are advised not to open the link:

  • The provided link is redirecting to a phishing website which could be dangerous.
  • By clicking on the link scammers will access all of your personal and transaction details.
  • The personal details could be used by cyber thugs for their own use.
  • The security and bank details could also be accessed by the scammers.


Almost every VZN communication subscriber is receiving this rebate text message. People who receive the text message are advised not to open it because it is a fake text message sent by fraudsters. And we request that you should always avoid such text messages because they do not bring any benefit and are simply another scam tactic used by cyber thugs.

Some people are still unaware of this scam text, so we request you to share this review with others and make them aware so that they do not fall into this scam.

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