With the rise in fake online store, day by day scammers are introducing more fake online stores like veromocca.com that is misusing ISLE brand by selling ISLE Paddleboards at extremely low rates.

This fake store is also using the ISLE brand name as its site logo and sells ISLE Paddle-boards at low rates like $98.53, $99.9, $98.62, and so on rates.

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Veromocca.com is listed as a fake paddleboards store but why?

  • As we have already discussed that with the rise in fake stores scammers are introducing fake isle paddleboards, they have recently introduced veromocca com a fake ISLE paddleboard on 11-august-2021
  • This store is selling limited stock of paddleboards at UN limited quantity and the prices of paddleboards are also fixed.
  • Social connectivity links present on this store redirect the visitors into the same website hence this seller is not famous on any social-platform.
  • This store is not presenting its domain name on its logo instead of this they are using the ISLE Brand logo.
  • The bulk buying option is activated on this fake online store selling paddleboards.

Less number of paddleboards is available on this store with the lowest prices like a pioneer at $99.99, explorer at $98.53, scout at $98.99, glider at $98.41, megalodon at $98.35, and so one few more paddleboards at low price.

  • Customer service email address is not similar to the domain or website name of the store and return will be accepted only when the shoppers will contact the customer service team of this store but, how they can connect with the service team if there will be no genuine email address. The customer service team contact number is not visible on this fake online store.
  • The customer’s review section of this store is empty so, Visitors can check the online review of this paddleboards seller that is categorized as a fake online-store.
  • This store is not disclosing its business address and the owner’s name; this is the most highlighted negative side of this fake paddleboard seller.
  • The return policy of this fake paddleboards seller mentioned is very tricky.
  • Payment mode icons are not activating, the payment of veromocca products will be accepted through PayPal.

Visitors should pay attention to the contact detail of the store; they have clearly mentioned that visitor account email should be correct to an order conformation, they haven’t shared their real email address but, they want you to enter your account email correctly, this is a trick of the scammers to scam the visitors.


After doing a well-research on veromocca.com we lead to a conclusion that it is a new ISLE paddleboard scam store that is misusing the brand ISLE just to scam innocent people so, the visitors should not prefer veromocca com paddleboard scam store as their shopping destination.

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