Hey, are you considering Verstorefront.com for shopping then we would like to share something about Verstorefront to secure you from shopping scams.

Verstorefront is an online destination for shopping chair, pillows and desk at a cost that normal customers can afford.

Verstorefront is a fake shopping destination!

Verstorefront located at URL- https://www.verstorefront.com/ is categorized as-fake shopping destination.


  • The domain name of the site is Verstorefront but, it is promoting other company i.e. secret lab
  • The domain of Verstorefront.com is new.
  • The site Verstorefront is less popular.
  • According to scamdoc Verstorefront has two percent trust-score.
  • Customer service number is not shared by Verstorefront.
  • On the about us page Verstorefront is not disclosing its company owner-identity instead of this it is revealing the owner of Singaporean furniture- business identity.
  • Social world links of Verstorefront are not functioning properly they will leave the customers on the same site.
  • Payment method of Verstorefront is not secure.
  • Cash on delivery is unavailable on Verstorefront.
  • The email id displayed on Verstorefront does not belong to it; it is distributed among various sites such as-agilene, samshoping, zarnshop, winstorefront, johgshop, winternigh, etc.


Verstorefront.com is not a real shopping destination so, please beware of Verstorefront.