In today’s business era, the operating system is all around. OS [Operating systems] is an interface that manages the communication between the system hardware and software. Without the operating system, there will be no software’s. Software’s are useful for performing important tasks and also helps in the business world efficiently. To match your daily and business needs you need software and to communicate with them you need an interface which is known as the operating system.

What is Linux? What makes it different from windows?

You may have definitely heard the name Linux even if you don’t know what Linux is? In this article, we ‘will cover what is Linux and what makes it different from windows?

There are tons of operating systems such as:

  • Windows operating system
  • Linux
  • MAC Operating system
  • MS-DOS
  • Apple Mac OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Unix
  • Apple IOS, etc

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source, secure, and one of the most popular operating systems.

What makes Linux different from windows?


  • Linux operating-system is free of cost.
  • It is open source.
  • Linux has a case-sensitive file name.
  • Monolithic-kernel is being used in Linux.
  • In comparison to the windows operating system, Linux OS is more efficient.
  • Linux apart the directories by using forward slash.
  • Widely used for the purpose of hacking.


  • Window operating systems are expensive
  • It is not open-source.
  • Uses case-insensitive file name.
  • Micro-kernel is being used in windows.
  • Less efficient.
  • Window apart the directories by using a backslash.
  • Do not offer much efficiency in hacking.

Linux commands:

  • Linux commands are case-sensitive.
  • Provides command-line-interface.
  • Linux gives a strong command-line interface in comparison to other OS Such as macOS and windows.
  • Linux has user friendly-terminal.

How to open a terminal of Linux? Together Press: Ctrl + Alt+ T then, press: enter

Linux and window commands:

The commands of both the operating system are different but they are also with same-name as well.

Some basic Commands of Linux and their descriptions:

  • Ls-l: Directory listing
  • Mv: file move and rename
  • Cp: copy file
  • Clear: clear screen
  • rm: delete a file
  • diff: command for comparing file contents
  • grep: search string in a file
  • pwd: bounce back to current-directory location
  • cd: change the current directory
  • echo: used for printing
  • exit: to leave the terminal
  • mkdir: to create a new directory
  • mformat: to format a drive
  • Du-s: for disk usage
  • Date: to display the date and time
  • rm/rf: to delete the directory
  • cat: to print file content
  • vim: top edit files
  • ls-R: to recursively list directory

some basic commands of windows and their description:

  • dir: directory listing
  • ren: rename file
  • copy: for copying file
  • move: for moving file
  • cls: clear screen
  • del: delete a file
  • fc: compares file content
  • find: search file string
  • time: displays time
  • cd: change current directory
  • md: create a new directory
  • echo: for printing
  • edit: to write into-file
  • exit: to leave the terminal
  • format: to format a drive
  • rmdir: to delete the directory
  • type: to print file content
  • chdisk: for disk usage
  • tree: to recursively list directory


Linux is actually all around be it television, computers, smartphones, home appliances, refrigerators, etc. It is the most secure, worry-free, and reliable open-source operating system.