We all have HUNGER FOR EATING YUMMY FOOD because nothing is more wonderful than having a yummy food so; one of the solutions of your hunger for yummy food is “zomato”.

How zomato is best for all the foodies? To know this read our POST > here you will get to know about zomato, its background & why all food lovers should choose “zomato”.

What is zomato?

Zomato is India’s leading online destination for all the Foodies whose initial name was foodiebay and later on the year 2010 it was re-named as zomato.  Zomato was introduced by Pankaj chaddah and deepindra goyal.

 Highlights of zomato

URL: https://www.zomato.com/

Founded: in the year 2008 of July month[12 years ago]

Founders: deepindra goyal and Pankaj chaddah

Initial name: foodiebay

No. of employees: 5000+ employees

Net revenue of company: undisclosed

Get to know more about zomato

  • Zomato not only offers you details related to any nearby restaurants apart from this zomato also offers you some more facilities like table management, reservation, and online food ordering.
  • Currently, zomato has served in 10,000 cities.
  • official website of zomato: zomato.com

Unique features of zomato

  • It serves a better quality of foods to the large array of users.
  • Discovers best quality food.
  • Every month zomato implements food offers with less charges of delivering food.
  • Has user-friendly interface.
  • Zomato is visible in many social-platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Reliable and fast for its order delivery.
  • Very excellent order-delivery service.
  • Offers delicious food.
  • Easy way of ordering food online.
  • Gives you a great discount.
  • Offers fast-food delivery within thirty minutes.
  • Offers Good packaging of food.
  • Users can easily order food by using several payments- option.
  • Delivery charges are free for food- orders above Rs99.


  • In India, zomato is in the seventy-seventh position among the top hundred starts-up.
  • In the year-2013 > Zomato online food ordering platform generates its ninety-five percent incomes from the commercial-advertisement.
  • The C.E.O of zomato was appreciated with’ NDTV ‘Indian of the year.

 Final verdict

  • Zomato is India’s awesome online-food ordering Destination from your favorite-restaurants whose food delivery time is perfect.
  • Zomato provides vast arrays of food.
  • Users can DOWNLOAD THE ZOMATO APP for ordering their favourite-food. On zomato app the user will get great varieties of menus of delicious- food along with the food prices.
  • Zomato has good customer care support.