There is a common doubt that comes in most of the people’s mind that why we should not drink water after or before the meal? A lot of people have definitely talked about that how to gain or loses weight, we human being should maintain a healthy-lifestyle by taking proper diet or exercise or yoga and most importantly the intake of water during the day are really important.

Are we drinking sufficient water to keep ourselves ‘hydrated’? Water carries nutrients to the body cells, helps in digestion, and also it regulates the temperature of the body. Water plays the most precious role in our circulatory-system so we should drink it in the right way.

Scroll down to know the answer of your doubt that why you should not drink-water before or after the meal.  You all would have definitely got scolded by your mother or your elders for drinking water before or immediately after having your meal.

Why not to drink ‘water’ after a meal?

Water dilutes the gastric-juice due to which it weakens your digestive-strength. Just After a meal when you drink water then it directly affects your digestive- strength and also the quality of food. The solution water is refrigerant that can also contribute to obesity if it is consumed after meals. After eating meals take a break of at least thirty minutes. So digest liquid twenty to sixty minutes after having a meal.

Why not to drink ‘water’ before a meal?

We drink water when we feel thirsty no matter whether we had our meal or not. Drinking-water before a meal according to many researches drinking water while having your meal dilutes the stomach. Which reduces satiety, causes bloating, and makes you hungrier, the bloating also de-motivates the individuals from following their regular diet when we ingest any liquid while having the meal, the gastric juice are diminished and this leads to poor-digestion this is the reason why you sometimes feel full but then also you still feel that you have eaten nothing much.

End Note:

you can drink water ‘during the meals’ but you should not drink much water during meals instead of this you should “sip” less amount of ‘water’ so that the food that you eat may break down into small sizes granules that digest easily.

When you eat something oily and spicy then you may need water so, sip water this can extinguish your thirst.