Woochile.com is a fraudulent shopping store that offers men’s clothing items at wholesale prices. People can find shirts, t-shirts according to their choice. Many styles and patterns are available on the website page. From full-sleeved, v-neck to button-down, linen to cotton every type of clothing item is presented on the website.

The website offers all of their items at wholesale price which is too good to be true.

We deeply researched the website’s transparency and come to know that Woochile.com is indeed a scam website.

Instead of mentioning its own website name, woochile mentions the word Waoorld on its “About Us” page.

When we looked into it, we discovered that there is also a website called waoorld.com that redirects to woochile.com.

When we inspected the WHOIS record of waoorld.com, we discovered that it was created a month before woochile- on 07-07-2021, but now it redirects to woochile.com.

For a variety of reasons, woochile.com is not a good place to shop. Some of the reasons are as follow:

  • Newly created domain (30-08-2021)
  • The domain is valid for only a year (30-08-2022)
  • Hidden WHOIS database
  • Useless “About us” page
  • The “Contact us” page does not hold any details.
  • Copied Content
  • Limitless buying option
  • Cash on Delivery is not available
  • Social media accounts are not available
  • Payment options are not working
  • Few products quantity
  • Dubious refund/return policy

Final Verdict:

At the beginning of the article, we declared woochile.com being a scam website and presented all of the reasons why and how this website is a scam.

If you have any information about woochile.com, please share it in the comments section, because your information could save many people from falling victim to such scams.

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