Worvusk is a brand new shopping platform that’s just 27 days old site so, here is the review [Aug 2021]  of this extremely new site to present the real sides of this online shopping platform to our visitors.

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Worvusk site is designed to offer outdoor, home furnishing products with special designs and free worldwide shipping.

Worvusk Reviews {aug-2021}: scam store?

Worvusk is a scam shopping platform. This shopping platform is similar to another shopping platform i.e. kostover.com, which is also another rising shopping scam. The homepage of both websites is also similar.

  • When we viewed the domain registrar of both the website then, we saw that both the shopping platform has the same domain-age that is brand new registered on: 28-July -2021
  • Both the scam shopping platform has exact same about-us page {Worvusk-about us, kostover-about us}. Both have pasted the same content on their about us-page. The owner’s identity is hidden on both sites.
  • Although the about-us content is same but, the email address and the address of the company of both the scam sites are little bit different and both are fake addresses. On email address, both sites have only changed their domain name to make the visitors believe that they are real. Both the sites have contact mode but the contact numbers are not same of both the sites.
  • Worvusk has free-worldwide shipping over $50 and kostover has free shipping over$60.
  • Worvusk has a bulk buying option which is a part of scam platform.
  • Both the scam-site accepts the same transaction mode for order billing.
  • Both the scam sites have limited stock but in comparison to kostover, Worvusk has more products and some product on both sites is same and their price is also same like wind powered-kinetic sculpture and magical metal-windmill is also available on kostover.com with the same price i.e. 65.99

  • The product content of Worvusk com is rough they do not have proper-description.
  • Worvusk website is socially connected to media’s like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter through the links but the links provided are not real.
  • This site has forty-five days return policy and the return products have some conditions i.e. they should be in original condition which is not possible for anyone to return a product with original packaging, most of the rising scam shopping websites ask for the original packaging of the return orders.


We do not recommend Worvusk com as this web platform is declared as a scam shopping platform so, we request our visitors, not to prefer Worvusk com and also the website which is similar to this site i.e. kostover.com, which is another scam shopping platform.

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