We all love to shop from such shopping destinations from where we can shop all types of products for this we search such shopping destinations from where our shopping can become easier. You might stop your search here because you have visited the right location. Xibachao is one such shopping destination from where you can purchase all categories of products but, before shopping check Xibachao Reviews:

Xibachao is an online grocery shopping- center from where you can get all the products that you need but, have this thought comes to your mind that is this offering scam-deal? In this post, we will let you know that Xibachao is offering scam or legit deals.

First, know the website positive sides:

Positive Sides:

• On the first order, Shoppers will get a $10 discount.
• Offers fresh products every day.
• Over $100 order shoppers will get free delivery.
• Offers mega discount daily.
• Products at the best prices.

Is the Xibachao website trustworthy?

We are announcing Xibachao.com website suspicious, due to many reasons that we are going to address below:

• This website’s discount offers are suspicious.
• This website has a doubtful about-us page like they have mentioned on their about-us section that Xibachao was established in the year 2000 but, when you will look up its domain then you will get to know that this website is not too old its domain was registered in the year 2020 and will expire on 16-September-2021.
• All items at this shopping center have paid ratings.
• They haven’t mentioned the proper name of the products; it is hard to understand the specific category of the product.
• This website disappoints users with its rough interface and many more such drawbacks.
• Xibachao connecting number seems suspicious.
• Product description of this website is not much impressive even; the layout of this website is not so good.
• Product prices are filtering from $0, scam alert!
• Xibachao shopping center has suspicious social connectivity links.
• Website interface is not grabbing much attention due to its rough interface.
• For product billing shoppers have to go through a long process. They just have shown payment icons but, when you will click on them they will not function. Cash on delivery is also unavailable.
• Shoppers can only get in touch with Xibachao through email apart from this there are no other modes.
• Shopping sites that offer legit deal sells only limited quantity of product but, this website claims to sell products of unlimited quantity this is the sign of a scam deal.
• This shopping center has no customer’s feedback. Shoppers will found no Reviews.


We lead to a conclusion that Xibachao. Com website is suspicious and even the domain of this website is not much old hence, please stay away from Xibachao online shopping center and think before choosing this shopping center for your shopping.

We hope you find this post helpful and also want you to share your view on this scam by leaving a comment below.