Have you explored yamiy store located at yamiy.top? A lot of visitors want to know about the legitimacy of yamiy store, are you one of them? This review holds a clear picture of this store so stay in touch with us till the last.

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Yamiy store has exclusive anime resin art at an exclusive discount. Can you trust yamiy.top store? Read a full review of this anime store then decide whether you have to trust the Yamiy store or not.

The positive image of the store:

  • The entire statues are available at affordable prices.
  • Order cancellation is accepted.
  • Offering exclusive discount deals.
  • Entirely new art is added to the collections.
  • This store has crafted exclusive anime art.

Is this store new in the market?

Yamiy store is newly introduced in the online market. The domain of yamiy.top is too new, which was created in the month of august might be another scam store so; check out the review to know is this really a scam seller?

Yamiy is listed as a scam seller but why?

Due to the following listed reasons, yamiy is categorized as a scam seller:

  • Social connectivity links displayed on yamiy, when clicked are bouncing back to the official page of the yamiy.top store.
  • This store has provided two email addresses for connecting with them one email is matching with the “domain and website” name but, the other email address displayed on contact-page is mismatching.
  • Due to the mentioned product name and description, it is not easy to understand the accurate details of the products.
  • This anime store is not displaying the Payment gateway information page so the payment mode is unclear.
  • The content displayed on the yamiy about-us page is similar to the about-us content of other scam shopping stores.
  • Original packaging must be required for returning the product.
  • On the bottom of the yamiy homepage, they have displayed information that all the statues are sold by yamiy store in limited quantity but, when the shoppers will enter the quantity of the product that they want, and then the unlimited buying option will be activated.
  • The contact information page is not filled with the proper information of the communication mode.
  • Buyers haven’t placed any feedback on the products but, full-star ratings are visible on the products this is not a plus point of yamiy.top store.


Now you may have got the answer that yamiy.top store can’t be trusted as this is a new store that is categorized as a scam store so, the shopper should not purchase from this store.