is a fraudulent shopping website.

Zaylua is based on women’s clothing apparel and accessories. High discounts and sales are also available in the products presented on the website.

The domain of the website is created on 04-10-2021 and it will be expired on 04-10-2022. The domain will be expired on the same date only a year after the creation of the website.

The website has prohibited so many important details from their customers which creates trusting issues and doubts about the website.

Some of the reasons are given below because all of these factors must be considered if we are shopping on a new website.

Website Details: is a women’s shopping site that provides all kinds of clothing items and accessories at very cheap prices.

Most of the items are on sale and discounts. The products that the website sells are:

  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Bottoms
  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Matching dresses
  • Jewelry
  • Halloween costumes

Reasons why we don’t think is a good place to shop:

  • Newly created website domain
  • Hidden WHOIS details
  • No “About Us” page
  • Missing details on “Contact Us”
  • No cash on delivery on products
  • Non-functional payment methods
  • Social media links are not available
  • High discount offers on products
  • Cheap prices of products
  • Unlimited buying options on a single product
  • Return & shipping policies are tricky
  • Refunds & exchange policies are quite suspicious


We have confirmed as a scam website at the start of this article and explained why this website is not suitable for shopping.

That is why we have always warned you to be cautious of such scam websites because websites like Zaylua use discount offers to lure people into their traps and steal their money as well as other important information.

So be aware, be alert, and share this article with others, asking the others to do the same.