Dear men’s and women’s! Will you enjoy shopping at We are here to help you in finding out whether you will enjoy shopping in this store or not?

Please do visit the scam category of is a global online shopping store for men’s and women’s that delivers trending and latest fashion items at the lowest price. This store mainly focuses on delivering items for women’s.

Collection of items:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Outerwear’s
  • Men’s shoes
  • Men’s hoodies
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

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  • Url:
  • Shipping: provides international shipping free of cost.
  • Shipping price: free shipping-over dollar thirty-nine, standard shipping:$6.99, fast shipping:$12.99
  • Shipping time: varies according to shipping-type.
  • Return: accepts return
  • Zephyrlist address: not given.
  • Zephyrlist number: not given.
  • Zephyrlist owner-profile: not-revealed.
  • Item quantities: limitless quantities.
  • Reviews of shoppers: not presented.
  • Domain date: domain of Zephyrlist was registered on:-17-march -2021
  • Transaction-mode: PayPal.
  • Items: roughly displayed.
  • Social media links: given.
  • Email id:
  • Zephyrlist connection: Secure.

You will not enjoy shopping at Zephyrlist!

You will not enjoy-shopping at zephyrlist as this e-store is not safe for you.


  • The domain of zephyrlist will shut down soon on: 17-march-2021 means it is valid only for one-year.
  • This store is claiming to offer you the best services but it is not offering you such services by which you will be fully satisfied.
  • The customer’s support team of zephyrlist will be unavailable if you will try to contact the team for any query.
  • You will not able to find the location of the company as the company location is unavailable.
  • You will not get to know the owner name of the company as the owner’s profile is not updated by zephyrlist.
  • Just to gain the trust of their customers zephyrlist has displayed an email address at their store but the customers should pay attention to the email address of this business the displayed e-mail address is not legit, it is not belonging to the website name or domain. Not only this e-store there are also many fraud e-stores that provides email address which seems dissimilar to their domain or website name so whenever to see any email address on any website please do check carefully its email-address.
  • A lot of items displayed on zephyrlist are copied from other e-stores with the same product name and prices such as the items displayed on men’s fashion category are also visible on sitearoma and other e-stores.


We are wrapping this zephyrlist review by categorizing this store as a scam e-store. Instead of being happy & enjoying shopping here you will end your shopping with a loss as this e-store is scamming you so, please do not shop from zephyrlist.