Zolasfashion.co is nothing more than a fraud. The website has numerous red flags indicating that it is a scam website.

Zolasfashion provides women’s clothing and other necessary products on the website.

The main products displayed on the website are dresses, tops, bottoms, rompers, jumpsuits, shoes, jackets, jeweleries, coats, jackets, and Halloween costumes at cheap prices.

Some of the reasons why Zolafashion.co is a scam website.

  • Worthless WHOIS Database:

The WHOIS record of Zolasfashion.co is completely useless. In the WHOIS record, the website only has presented its domain creation and expiry date; there are no other important details about the official site.

Scam websites usually do not include their other important information in the WHOIS records.

  • Missing Pages:

Many important website pages are missing. For example, about us, shipping, delivery, refund, exchange, and so on. Because these pages provide people with accurate information about any website. However, the Zolasfashion website fails to provide such vital information.

  • Hidden Details:

On their website pages, no information about the website’s owner, destination, personal details, contact details, and other important information is hidden from customers.

  • Copied Content & Images:

Every detail on the website was copied from another website called Zaylua. The return and shipping policies, as well as the images, are all lifted from another website.

  • Huge discounts on all products:

The website has provided considerable discounts on all of its products. The majority of the products are also for sale. This is the most common trick used by scammers to fool people into falling into their trap.

Final Verdict:

Zolasfashion.co is a fraudulent website, and we have provided all of the facts about Zolasfashion in the preceding article to help you understand why we do not recommend shopping from this website.

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