New bangles in Zoteb store- check them but, before buying please, check whether it offers scam or fantastic deals? After reading its review here, you will lead to a decision whether you have to buy bangles from here or not….

Stay connected… to check Zoteb legitimacy before shopping. is a scam online store that sells vast arrays of bangles of different styles and sizes.

Let’s have a glance at its few positive sides.

Positive sides:

  • Different styles and sizes of bangles are available on Zoteb store.
  • Provides the fastest delivery: ships orders of the customers the same day.
  • Zoteb offers easy returns: customers can simply send their products back if they didn’t like it or receives damaged or wrong orders.

After having a look at Zoteb store’s positive sides now, let’s have a glance at its negative sides.

Negative sides:

  • This online store claims to sell different styles of bangles of different sizes but, when you will visit Zoteb then you will see that they have also shown purses and they haven’t mentioned its’ separate category! Scam alert
  • Zoteb has shown the PayPal icon but the icon shown is un-clickable and when you will click on any product to purchase it then also payment mode is hidden.
  • Almost many orders have similar amounts such as armcandy Boston and armcandy Beijing cost $67.00, similarly others products also have such fixed prices.
  • So many Socialize links are given but they are not functioning properly.
  • Office address and contact number both are suspicious. Only email address is visible.
  • Zoteb has a roughly designed Interface.
  • Selling orders at unrealistic prices like classic crystal mini black bangle at $32.00, hairtie dark olive bangle at $22.00, and many more such unrealistic prices.
  • This online store is not user-friendly.
  • Orders have improper descriptions.
  • Legit online stores only allow you to buy a limited quantity of products of same type but, this store is selling products in unlimited quantities like they are selling classic crystal rose bangle, when you will click on its quantity they will show you an unlimited quantity of these products similarly, you can buy more products of unlimited quantities.
  • Zoteb domain is newly registered.
  • This online store has suspicious about – us information.
  • This website has its own reviews, every order has full ratings.

Final summary: Is scam or a fantastic deal?  

By researching about this website we find some negative sides of this store due to which we lead to this conclusion that this store is a fake online store.

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